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Thorpe Park Blows it Up - Posted By mihaiolteanu100 (mihaiolteanu100) on 13th Oct 11 at 10:09am

Annual Passholders! MUST buy a £5 event ticket to guarantee your entry.
Premium passholders! Due to the high demand you MUST guarantee your entry by printing a FREE pre-booked ticket!
Chaos will reign as THORPE PARK Blows It Up for the bonfire weekend. Fireworks are back with a bang and this year there’s devastation on the menu. Celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by experiencing our most extreme rides in the dark before being blown away by our EPIC fireworks display set to some awesome tunes.
Here’s the hot stuff we’ve got going on:

Start in the Dark
Open til late you’ll get to experience some of our most adrenaline-fuelled rides against the night sky.

Heating Up
Guy Fawkes is chucked on a bonfire every year for his hideous treason, but we have a modern twist of who we are going to make feel the heat. Yep- we are gonna explode the diva antics of a celebrity to BITS! And if that doesn’t get your temperature rising, we’re going to be blowing up a vehicle to shake things up a bit!

Main Display
Prepare for a fireworks display like no other. Dance to some banging beats and feel the heat rise as we unleash some fiery destruction that will blow your mind!
Park opening times are 10am-8pm.


Thorpe Park, Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 8PN

5th & 6th November. Open til 8pm.

Limited Tickets Available