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Daily dog walks of around 50 minutes - Posted By yquem59 (yquem59) on 26th Aug 10 at 8:42am
Hello, everyone.

My walks are shorter than most of those posted by others and have to be totally dog-friendly. In addition, I go to the start by car, so the walks have to be circuits.

My dogs are spaniels, so my walk is around 2 1/2 miles, but theirs is many times that. My younger dog, a working cocker spaniel, is hyper-active (no, make that manic) and has to have undergrowth to hunt in, so open grassland isn't much good.

I intend to post my regular walks (as recorded by my SatMap) here, if no-one objects, but have noticed that other people post theirs as a link to Google maps. Is that accepted procedure or can I attach my gpx (as produced by SatMap) or kml (converted for use with Google Earth) files?

Can someone help me with the technology here, please?