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Walking to Work - Posted By paulswalks (paulswalks) on 28th May 09 at 2:46pm

I decided to walk to work the other day, as an injury prevented my normal weekend hiking, and was amazed to find how much you can miss sitting on the bus (or in your car) and how much a simple 20 minute walk can set you up for the day ahead.

O.K, I'm lucky to have a walk that follows the River Thames from Hampton Court to East Molesey.  Maybe I wouldn't be so keen to walk up the A40 into London, but that's surely one of the advantages of working in Surrey?

Straight away after leaving my normal route to work I could feel my mood lifted. Swans and boats rode the gentle waves of The River Thames and the tide lapped onto a little beach front hidden just below Hampton Court bridge - a day on the beach? no.. I left my bucket and spade at home and still had to get to work - but simply having the thought cheered me up. 

A bit further up the river, next to the lock I found a plaque indicating a flood mark from 1821, as the surrounding streets look like they slope down from this flood mark I suspect this flood could have been for miles. Does anyone know how far it would have reached?

This area must be a rowers paradise, their are plenty of rowing clubs up and down this stretch of river. Molesey Boat Club  looks like one of the biggest - judging by the erection of the 'Rowers Totem Pole' outside its club house.  Looking over the river I was briefly transported to the American Deep South.

Right next to the Boat Club is the East Molesey Cricket Club - where competitive cricket has been played since 1730. There's a little tea-house attached to the club house, but I had only just had me breakfast. I decided to leave the river here and continue walking into Hurst Meadows.

I walked across a large draw-bridge like structure which could have been part of the old horse racing course?
But which bit I do not know.
I turned right into Hurst Meadows and spent a pleasant 10 minutes in the company of the local dog walkers. The Meadow seems a bit wasted on our canine friends, with its large area stretching down to the river and the views across to St Mary's Church, Hampton this surely elevates it above a simple 'dog-poo' park.

This was the last bit a open area i walked, the rest of the way went through mainly residential areas.  Even here they are still many things to catch the eye, but thoughts of work and the day ahead get more prominent the closer you get to the workplace - But I was grateful for the previous 15 minutes of tranquility the walk afforded.

I find the best methods of exercise are the ones you don't notice - playing a sport takes your mind off the aches and pains- but for ease of access, low equipment cost and the many extra mental benefits you can't beat WALKING!

Re: Walking to Work - Posted By ollie (ollie) on 5th Jun 09 at 11:38pm
You can download an audio guide to walking by the river Thames from Hampton Court to Molesey from

Re: Walking to Work - Posted By maria (maria) on 14th Jun 09 at 2:49pm
I began walking to work as part of my fitness regime (I wear a stepometer to count my daily steps) I have a 30 minute walk from London Victoria and another 30 minute walk back!

Re: Walking to Work - Posted By aj999 (aj999) on 15th Jun 09 at 8:41am
I'd quite like to walk to work, I enjoy a nice walk but unfortunately my route to work isn't pedestrian friendly at all lol.. I try and get most of my weeks walking done in the weekend and the rest is at the gym throughout the week. Does anyone else here go to a gym too?