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Norbury Park - Posted By kr236rk (kr236rk) on 31st Aug 09 at 4:54am
recently made a short circuit from the Norbury Park car park above West Humble, through a beech wood (metalled path) then descended hillside into ancient yew region and returned to where i started out from along the narrow trail, to where it branched off, up back towards the car park. the rest of the park is a mystery to me: does anybody know anything about the local history here please?

Re: Norbury Park - Posted By paulswalks (paulswalks) on 23rd Sep 09 at 4:44pm
"Norbury Park House is now privately owned but the majority of the Estate is managed by the Surrey Wildlife
Trust and is criss-crossed by public rights of way. There is a ‘Druids Grove’ of yew trees in the park, which was mentioned in the Domesday Book, and the Estate provided the inspiration for the novel ‘Camilla’ by Fanny Burney. "

The above is quoted from a Ranmore Walk directions.pdf which can be found here:

I did a little walk around there which can be viewed here:

Maybe the Ancient Yew region was 'Druids Groove'? and who knows what went on here!