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Walk from Guildford to Compton and back (27th May 10 at 3:38pm UTC)
a 8 - 9 mile loop walking in Surrey Hills, starting and ending in Guidlford.
The first part of this walk was covered here, and is basically following the River Wey out of Guildford south-east. Follow tow path for around a mile or so and just before the footbridge crossing the river you will find a small water feature with a tiny little stone bridge on your right. Turn a sharp right here, taking you off the river tow path and up over the Railway Bridge and reaching T-juction with main road, you are now on the Norths Down Way. Here, cut back on yourself and climb St Catherine's Hill to see ruins of St Catherine's Hill Chapel. For info on this ruin and other Guildford - related histories see here. It is also the site of this weird and wonderfully happening.

The hill gives good views looking East to St Martha Hill and the North Downs Way.


Descend hill the way you came up and follow main road right and turn left following Sandy Lane until veering right off lane onto country lane. Fairly uninspiring views across farmland dominant this part of walk for 3/4 mile. The day I did this walk this section of North Downs Way was busy with groups of kids hiking with large back packs - not sure if this is a regular route for Scouts or Guides?

After passing through a farm you enter woods following North Downs Way all the way to Compton. In woods are large area of blue bells which I just missed at their best by a week or so.


Just as you leave North Downs Way and before heading South into the village of Compton you pass The Watts Gallery . Also once you are heading south along Down Lane make sure to take a short detour to walk through the farm here (see link to route map below for directions).


Compton has the Watts Chapel which I missed out on and the 1,000 year old St Nicholas' Church, were I sat and had me packed lunch.
Compton marks the turning point on walk and from here you head back to Guildford.


Leaving Compton by following The St then taking a left onto Polstead Lane which takes you to Polsted Manor. From here you head eastward and have good views south.


After 1/2 mile you come to Loseley Park where you are directed around grounds until coming to a walking gate which gets you access to pond and picnic tables (if only i had saved my packed lunch!). From here continue east through farm land and good views north and south until you reach a Surrey Police Training Center, where you head up hill a bit and eventually reach Sandy Lane and retrace route back to River Wey and Guildford.

View Full route on Google Maps by clicking here...

This walk can also be found in the 'Rural Rambles in Surrey' book, although somehow they missed out the diversion up St Catherine's Hill!

Cheers All!
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