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Flaxby vs. St Georges Hill? - Posted By yso (yso) on 10th Mar 09 at 1:34am
Hello Guys
I have 3bed semi detached house in Leatherhead. I am passionate golfer and recently I thought about moving to Weybridge as there are my two favourite golf courses in the area. When I searched Find a Property website I come accross interesting offer in Yorkshire. I checked that my 3bed would purchase me there 3 bedroom house and Investment golf property in Flaxby new 5* resort with 18 hole 72 par European and US PGA level Championship Golf Course. I run B2B Ecommerce business so there is no big problem for me to move to Yorkshire. I just wondered how difficult is to sale house these days. A lot of buzz that is not that easy puts me off but on my cul-de-sac during last 6 weeks two propertis were sold and to my knowledge they were on the market for about three-four months (not long is it?). i have to admitt that I did nt realised that there are such a offers available in UK I thought this is Spanish, Dubai or Caribbean thing this kind of golf investments. Anyone did simmilar move I mean investment uk golf property - is it any good? Is there any simillar to Flaxby resort in Surrey?
I will appreciate private opinions about the subject not offers from agents

Re: Flaxby vs. St Georges Hill? - Posted By MadSurrey (123456) on 10th Mar 09 at 2:21pm
Yorkshire for Surrey {Tongue Out} ?

Re: Flaxby vs. St Georges Hill? - Posted By aj999 (aj999) on 27th Oct 10 at 2:56pm
Well, since we're on the topic... I don't know anything similar to Flaxby in Surrey, however I do know of an exciting new development in Barking -
It's not exactly Surrey but still a lot closer to home and I bet there's plenty more developments where this one came from! {Smile}

Re: Flaxby vs. St Georges Hill? - Posted By jobsinsurrey (jobsinsurrey) on 19th Jan 11 at 4:04pm
Am running a technology based company in Surrey... definitely benefiting from the advantages of social media and forums such as this:

Here is a link to advertise for jobs within your company... or to search for jobs within all sectors within the county of Surrey.

I am also looking to relocated within Surrey to find the local hubs of commerce.... thinking about Kingston on Thames... does anyone have any info to share on it?

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